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Glories of Cow Dung Ash

Cow dung ash as a water purifier Do you know cow dung ash can be used for purifying water. Purifying water is a serious issue. Generally either we add chlorine or some other chemical or we boil the water in the. Adding chlorine etc has its own defects and side effects. However cow dung ash is an excellent water purifier. All harmful bacteria are killed just by adding a pinch or two of cow dung ash in few liters of water. We have to use cow dung ash that comes from vedic cows only. This option of adding cow dung ash is so cheap that anyone can afford it. It has absolutely no side effects. Water purified using the cow dung ash is so much cheaper than bottled water which uses costly methods and machines to be purified and packed. At the same time these radiations in ultra violet water […]

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