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Gau Mata – The greatness of Indigenous breed of Cows

In the Vedic story Sage Saumitra of Bhrigu clan looked after his herd of cows with great love and affection. One day he was visited by a Brahimin Angrisa who gave a herb to his cows by virtue of which the cows became very healthy and began producing milk with medicinal qualities that which consumed by sage Saumitra cured him of his certain skin ailments. However this quality of sensing of master’s joys and sufferings are inherent in Desi cow breeds of Indian lineage and origin. It is often observed that when cows see that the care taker is suffering of certain ailment, if taken care of with love, affection and understanding the cows start feeding on the herbs from the pastures that will induce the production of milk with medicinal qualities which would be helpful in curing the ailment of its master. How they recognize this herb in actually […]

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