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Best Eco friendly Solution to Clean Floor (Tiles)

UJJVAL-AN EFFECTIVE ECOFRIENDLY FLOOR CLEANING SOLUTION Who doesn’t like immaculately clean flooring and tiles? But when cleaning comes a heavy price which results in paying with your health or your child’s health or of your precious environment then one need to think again before investing in those harmful synthetic chemicals that flood the markets globally in the name of Floor Cleaners. With this universal thought of preserving the environmental health and Individual’s health, the devotees at Go Kripa Products, have come with all organic in origin floor cleaning solution that is not only biodegradable but also a health saver. The kids and pets that crawl on the floor which have been swept using chemical floor cleaners run a risk of getting exposed to the toxic chemicals that can even result in dangerous diseases like bronchitis and other respiratory and skin problems. At times these chemical have known to have caused […]

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