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Functional DYSPEPSIA or AJIRN is the most common medical problem of the people of the world today. Almost every other person is suffering from indigestion in the modern era. Ayurveda also describes Ajirn to be MANDAGNI ; that is reduction in the fire of digestion. The reasons of AJIRN are many as described in Ayurveda. Causes of AJIRN (DYSPEPSIA) in Ayurveda::: Misbalance in VATA, PITTA, KHAPHA Intake of faulty food like junk foods or out of seasons food. Taking meals at erratic time schedules like most office goers. Going to bed immediately after taking heavy meal and not allowing your system to digest the food properly. Having gluttonous habits of eating. Eating several (types of) foods at the same time. Psychologically too a person can suffer from functional Dysplasia like not eating the food whole heartedly, or eating the food with mental tension and other worries on mind. Hot tempered […]

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