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Gau Mutra Ark is “A GIFT OF AYURVEDA” Distilled Cow Urine is having such healing potentials to balance TriDosha (Vaat, Pitt, Kapha) its Air, Bile and Mucous. Gau Mutra from Indian Cow Breed having such ability to balance. Why its called a divine gift of Ayurveda, it cures TriDosha or Disorders – the unbalance of this in Body is called Fall in Illness.What Gau Mutra Ark Can do is Balance Colesterol levels  A Perfect Ayurvedic and efficient anti bacterial agent. Reduces Body Fat (Or Increase if Fat is abnormal – high or less) Increase White Blood Cells (white blood cells play an important role in the immune system by protecting the body from infectious agents.) Function as anti-oxidant and delays ageing process. Serve as Detoxiffier especially the toxicity caused by modern drugs. Useful to cure respiratory disorders Regenerate the damaged cells and tissues Gau Mutra Ark (Distilled Cow Urine) is […]

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Curing Some Common Diseases Through Go-Ark

Curing Some Common Diseases Through Go-Ark There are two forms of Cow Urine- 1) One is called Go-Ark (Distilled Cow Urine) Cow urine is boiled and the vapor is collected (process is called distillation) to make cow urine distillate for oral intake. 2) Then the other form of it is Ghanavati or the Go Urine Ark Tablet form. Mostly this is used to reduce the cholesterol in the blood and to decrease the excess weight. It can be easily given to children in cough and other diseases. Signifance Of Go-Ark There are two US Patents (researched and authorized by US Government) on Gomutra Ark (Cow Urine Distillate) US Patent No. 1 = 6410059 25-06-2002 US Patent No. 2 = 6896907 24-05-2005 In Ayurveda (Medical Science of scriptures) it is said that the main cause of disease is the imbalance of three elements Air (Vata), Bile (Pitta), Mucous (kapha). Cow urine […]

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Ayurvedic Panchagavya is the Answer – How to cure Cancer

  The most dangerous disease of any millennium is cancer. It can be called as the killer disease. The third stage of cancer is practically impossible to treat and whatever allopathic treatment is available ( Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy) are full of side effects with possibly no guarantee of cure. However there is still hope as far as Ayurveda is concerned. Ayurvedic cow Panchagavya is the Answer – How to cure Cancer.         |||Cancer: – Causes and symptoms||| Cancer is caused by improper usage of ‘indriyas’ or senses in carrying out day to day activities (Improper karmas-deeds). The cell division– Improper division of cells, due to carcinogenic substances, also causes cancer. Foods – Improper eating habits can produce cancer. Tobacco – Smoking either direct or indirect, can cause cancer, chewing of tobacco etc. are known to be carcinogenic. Alcohol – Consumption of alcohol in abnormal quantities, is known […]

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