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Let us give a thought to this- Remembering and offering our obeisances and a little food to our own Gau-mata only on the festivals like Diwali, Holi etc or taking out Gau- Gras during ‘Pitr Paksh’ enough to maintain and protect cow?     The cow is not just a milch cattle who is to be exploited and degraded for selfish human greeds but it’s a holy companion of the Lord Krishna. Since ages Indian have used Dairy product for cultural, religious and nutritional supplements and Go-Panchgavya has been used as miraculous healing agent to cure ulcers and many other fatal diseases. Unfortunately we Indian today ourselves have forgotten her glories and merely aping the west, neglecting our prime duty of cow protection. In a treatise called ‘Gokarunanidhi’, (Ocean of mercy to the cow), published by Dayananda Saraswathi in 1881 the author strongly opposed cow slaughter as an anti-Hindu act. […]

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