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Mass Scale Slaughter Of Cows And The Problem Of Rising Unemployment In India.

As a result of large scale slaughter of animals resulting in non-availability of dung, millions of Hindus and Muslims and people of other castes have lost their age-old profession. What we need to is the change in thought process that generates apathy towards the mother cows in so called modern society. Lets ponder upon some bare facts point wise- We know that the dung cake and the meat of the bullock both are commercial commodities. If one bullock is slaughtered, its meat i.e. slaughtering activity can sustain the butcher’s trade for only a day. For the next day’s trade another bullock has to be slaughtered. But if the bullock is not slaughtered, about 5 to 6 thousand dung cakes can be made out of its dung per year, and by the sale of such dung cake, one person can be sustained for a whole year. If a bullock survives even […]

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