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In this series let’s look at the olden ways of getting rid of exfoliating the skin with natural and holistic soaps. Let’s go back in Krishna’s era; when supreme personality of Godhead Lord Shri Krishna Himself appeared on earth. In Bhagwat puran it is clearly mentioned that baby Krishna was given a bath with cow’s urine and dung after he killed the demon Putana who fed the baby Krishna with her poisonous milk. This shows that in ancient times people considered cows to be so sacred that even their urine and dung was considered to be pure. Modern research has already proven that Cow dung has many antibacterial and other therapeutic properties which when used on skin can not only help it to keep health but also increase the glow of the skin. The soaps made of cow dung also contain natural herbs such as Neem, Camphor etc that makes […]

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