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Here are Causes-Symptoms-Prevention-Diet-Treatments. Bronchial asthma or simply asthma is called as Tamamka swas rog in Ayurveda, is respiratory disease characterized by obstruction of air way or respiratory tract especially the trachea. The incidence of asthma is on alarming rise in the modern times. This is largely believed to be the result of environmental pollution and climate change. Surveys carried out in developed countries depict that every one in five children is affect with the disorder. The most unfortunate thing is there exist no cure in Allopathic medicine for asthma. The patient have to carry a device called inhaler that removes the obstruction from the respiratory tract. Bronchial asthma can be triggered by many factors such dust, pollen, some foods, clothes, hair etc also called as allergens which over sensitize the immune system to produce responses like redness of skin and eyes, obstruction to breathing etc. Asthmatic person has bouts or […]

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