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Dengue-causes | symptoms | prevention | diet | treatment

The dengue problem is reported almost across the tropical countries of the world, but is mostly concentrated in the countries like India, Sri Lanka, Nepal. Latest statistics show that in the period of January 1 to July 14 this year, 20647 cases of dengue have been reported. The number of deaths: 149! Dengue or Dandak jwara is known to be caused by virus named Flavivirus transmitted through the agency of Aedes Mosquito. SYMPTOMS Person suffering from dengue generally shows the following symptoms – High fever. Severe headaches. Muscular cramps. Presence of red rashes all over the body. Nausea and vomiting. TYPES OF DENGUE FEVER Classic dengue fever. Hemorrhagic dengue fever. Dengue shock fever. All types of above mentioned dengue fever are characterized by high fever also classified as bone breaking or bone crushing fever due to severe pain and muscular cramps. Patients also show presence of red rashes all over […]

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