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Why Pachgavya Treatment (Cowpathy)

Why Pachgavya Treatment ?? Or Why Cowpathy Is The Best Form Of Naturopathy ??   Need of Panchgavya treatment method today:- Ayurvedic treatment was begun to call a business like western countries. Indian Ayurved is a method of treatment, it is not business. The Panchgavya treatment is a religious sacrifice (Yagyan) in Ayurved which is always used for the welfare of humanity. The medicines prepared through Panchgavya with medicinal plants cure not only a person form diseases but also there is no side effect of these medicines. On the other side the medicines prepared from chemicals used in the modern treatment method have deadly side effect which is quite obvious everywhere. Thousands of such allopathic medicines are banned by the world health organization every year. But the Ayurved has been serving human being for a very long time and such medicine need not have to be banned and will not […]

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