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Desi Cow’s milk can cure stomach cancer

Cow’s milk can cure stomach cancer   Milk is good news for the fans. Research scientists have claimed that a fresh cow milk contains a peptide which is capable of killing a human colon cancer cell. The research conducted in Taiwan, scientists discovered cow’s milk peptide named Lacktofarrysin Fragment B 25 (LF Sin B 25) is. Search showed that this peptide in the human body has the ability to fight colon cancer. Department of Animal Science and Biotechnology, National Ilan University, Taiwan Wi – Jung – Chen said that in the future, the search can be used in the treatment of gastric cancer. World, especially in Asian countries, most deaths from cancer mortality rate of gastric cancer deaths. Researchers from Lektoferisin B examined the impact of three Fragment. These three were the Anti-microbial properties of the peptide. LF Sin on only one of these gastric B-25 only Hunmn   Source […]

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