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You Become What You Eat

You Become What You Eat   TREAT OR TREATMENT   AYUVEDIC AAHAR AND PRATIHARA Food is known by the term Aahar in Ayurveda. Aahar-Food is the only thing which we, all the sons of nature, allow to enter in our bodies very easily. What goes inside our bodies will show an impact sooner or later, is a truth. Right from the movement food is being served to us all our senses and body systems get activated to welcome the Packed Energy from the nature.   Ayurvedic scholars were well known about the deep impacts of food items on our body and mind, that is why Ayurvedic seers always recommended that one should be more cautious about the food items if one wants to remain healthy and happy.       ‘Ayurvedic Priciples’ Of Food Intake: The principles of Ayurveda are based on the concept of tridosha, or the system of […]

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