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Vegetarianism – reasons of benifits

Reasons to why void non veg and adopt Vegetarianism Vegetarianism A lot of people think it’s a hassle. Truth is, meat-eating is the real hassle, the real self-sacrifice. I’ll explain: Economically Meat-eating is just about the most expensive legal habit you can have. It’s just way too much of a bummer for me to drive down to the store and shell out all that cash for a little slab of flesh. My approach is so much simpler – last night, for example, I tossed in three bucks grand total and made a big, tasty, filling dinner. It blows me away how expensive meat-eating is. Smart shopper, you don’t need me to tell you more – just truck on down to the supermarket and scope out the facts. Health With all the stress on cholesterol and that stuff, it’s no secret that meat is a time bomb. I can’t figure out […]

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