Panchgavya Skin Lotion for Winter Skincare


With winters tapping on door the skin needs careful attention to prevent it from dryness, rosiness and

cracking & flaking problems. Where as many skin problems are related to one’s life styles, habits and the

skin types, the common ones arise due to dry cold temperature of the air and skin coming in contact

with wool, heaters and sunshine.

Go Kripa Products has come up with a all new and perfect formulation that helps to keep the

skin soft, supple and moisturized. This complete Natural product with ingredients of Pure Ghee, olive oil,

Aloevera and natural Vitamin E help to fight dryness, choppiness and flaking problems of face, body lips
and ankles.

Pamper yourself with this magical cream that not only provides excellent skin care but also act as skin care formula for all skin types and all age groups. This Panchgavya Aushdhi is the blessing of Gau mata

to preserve & protect skin from winter problems!!


Panchgavya Lotion -a simple ayurvedic panchgavya formula with Cow Ghee

Panchgavya Skin Cream for Every Seasoi


Ayurvedic Panchgavya Winter Care Lotion

Panchgavya Winter Skin Lotion

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