Why Should we LIGHT A Gir Cow Ghee LAMP DAILY at Home or Work Place

Light a lamp of pure gir cow ghee at HOME and Work Place

How Importance the DIYA(Light with Cow’s Ghee) produces spiritual energy and divine blessings.
Lighting a gir cow ghee lamp in front of one’s alter is a very spiritual practice. Simply roll pure cotton into a wick and immerse it in lots of ghee to create a candle when lit. Place the ghee lamp in a little earthen bowl made of clay.

Daily practice of Suddh Gir Cow Ghee Lamp at home will produces

  • Particles Of Energy
  • AURA of Spiritual Emotions (BHAV)
  • Powerful Rays of Energy
  • AURA of Chaitanya of the nature of TEJ TATTVA (The absolute Fire Element)

Benefits of Diya (Light) at Home and Workplace

Important Note ::

“Ghee” Must be from indigenous breed of indigenous desi cow.
NEVER RECOMMENDED ( from HF, Jersey or  holstein etc breed)
to get maximum results as per Hindu descriptions it must be from INDIGENOUS BREED OF COW.

Who Can Light a diya at home::
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To get smoother spiritual practice.
To produce O2 oxygen in atmosphere (10 gms. of gir cow ghee used in fire sacrifice produces one ton of oxygen.)
To Get of Improve concentration in Study or in Business
To Get protected from radioactive waves
To protect home members from harmful viruses and bacteria including (H1N1) at Home.
To get protection from evil thought.
To get or more get positive Universal energy at workplace or home.

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