Benefits of Indian Gir breed Cow’s Urine

Gau Mutra (Gir Cow Urine)

Go-mutra is a valuable gift of vegetarian world given to the human race. It is natural, easily accessible, harmless, health conserving chemical fit to be called as divine ambrosia longed by yogis. The yogis extrude divine power by its intake. Ganga resides in Go-mutra and it is a redeemer of all sins. Researchers in America have proved that cow’s stomach always harbors vitamin B. being in mode of goodness it generates good and divine thoughts. If one intakes Go-mutra for six months it establishes the human psych in righteousness and destroys Rajo Guna and Tamo Guna aspects i.e, ignorance of people.

Gau Maiya

Gau Maiya

It helps in removal of bodily toxins by cow urine, sweat or fecal discharge. It even cures the mental diseases and disorders. Being an antitoxin agent cow urine is used to detoxify many herbs used in Ayurvedic medicine.


Gau and what is GAU-Mutra ?

All the demigods reside in cow. It is Kamdhenu i.e, giver of all wisher and desires. Its body acts a receiver of radiations of constellations, so the place where cow resides, the effect of nakshatras is seen there.
Cow is such a divine creature, in whose backbone is present Surya-ketu Nadi. The effect of this nadi is visible in its urine, milk and ghrita which gives a yellow effulengance due to the presence of gold salts.
Gau-mutra is filtrate product of cow’s blood filtered by cow’s kidneys. Therefore its elemental constitution is similar to the cows blood. It can be stated that cow’s urine is the life force of cow’s blood.

 Miraculous effect benefits of Go-Mutra (Cow Urine)

Here are list of Benefits from Cow Urine

  • Cures all kinds of infectious diseases.
  • Helps in rejuvenation of liver and helps in heamopoiesis  which in-turn helps in development of immunity.
  • It restores all those elements in human body whose deficiency may cause diseases.
  • It empowers the mind and heart and protects the body from heart and mental strokes.
  • Helps in removal of toxic effects of drugs.
  • Delays ageing
  • It removes the deficiency of essential nutrients in the body.
  • Increases appetite. Enhances urination.


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