Don’t Drink jersey Animal (Looks like Cow) Milk – Black Fact of White Poision

Major Human Mass don’t know Difference between Cow (Desi Indian Breed) and Jersey (HF) Animal

Gau Mata Vs Jersey Animal

Gau Mata Vs Jersey Animal

Know Details with : DIFFERENCE BETWEEN INDIGENOUS AND EXOTIC BREEDS OF COW with link : Desi Cow vs Jersey Animal

Here are the facts of MILK, Avoid drink jersey cow Milk and avoid Kidney Problems, Sugar Problems, Bone Problems, Heart Problems, Skin Problems and stomach related problems can cause cancer.

Why It is Harmful Milk from Jersey Animal / HF Animal looks like cow. Know the facts which harmful to human body and nature as well.

This is the fact that Hf Breed and Jersey Animals’  milk harm humans a lot,  Know the difference between cows (Indian Gau mata and Jersey Animal ) : Gau Mata – The greatness of Indigenous breed of Cows


milk types (A1 Milk and A2 Milk Type) : Milk Proteins and Human Health: Difference Cow A1/A2 milk

> How Maintain Vatt, Pitt and Cough with Desi Cows Milk and other

> Gau Mutra on effectively works on TB (Tuberculosis)

> Gau Vaigyanik ( Scientist) found 48 Major Dearies can cure by Cow Urine including Cancer

> ‘Cercumin’ available enough into Cow Urine which cures Cancer

Desi Cow’s milk can cure stomach cancer

A video presentation by Sri Rajiv Dixit


 Save Mother Cow.