All domesticated cows should carry Unique Identification or biometric identity registration. Only Pure Indian Breeds should be registered.
  • No cows should be taken to abattoirs. Beyond death all cows should be buried and all rituals should be followed, the mortal remains should be laid to rest with honor, the remains being bio-degradable, should be converted to compost. The compost thus made has immense potential too, as it makes infertile farmlands to highly fertile. This will help to sensitize the vitality and importance of COW. It should help eliminating the shear importance and greed for milk in people rearing cows.
  • All registered COWS SHOULD GET THE LIBERTY TO GO ON VACATION to spend at least 3 months in their natural habitat. Respective government of the states supported by central laws should earmark space for suchvacations. Their vacations should possibly coincide with their infertile periods. This will relieve the owners of the burden and their feeling of heavy expenditure that leads them release such captive cows to graze in the streets.
  • Owners who are desirous registering of such a programe should be ready to pay non refundable deposits. The amount of the deposit should be invested wisely and the interest of this corpus should be utilized to ensure efficient administration, expenses on the travel from the owners place to the vacation venue and back. The place for theirvacation should be well fenced and protected from they becoming targets of poachers and also prey to other stronger animals. Only bullock carts with air filled tyres should be used for ferrying cows going to and coming back from Vacation. In case if the travel distance is more than bullock carts should change from one villages to the other amidst lot of fanfare.
  • These Cows should be strictly fed on only natural and organic, fodder as this is precisely what cows would choose if we humans free these poor souls from our greed for milk and give them a free choice. Under no circumstances should any man made / synthetic nutrients be allowed to be consumed. i remember one Saurashtra (Char Village in Mangrol Taluka, Junagadh district based naturalist treating domesticated animals telling that if everybody does what you have in mind the need for health issues will drastically reduce. This naturalist was awarded by President of India.
  • It should also have the provision to take care of their health issues. No vaccines should be administered on them. All medication should be herbal only.
  • Some kind of research facility can also be entertained. Tackling and documenting health issues should also be created. Data on all Indian Breeds their unique features their names in local language should also be created. External funds can help to create such facility.
  • Male cows should be identified immediately after birth for focused adaptation. They should be nurtured in an atmosphere where they are allowed to consume 80-90% of their mother’s milk during the entire lactation period of the mother. Further on, they should be nurtured in a way where the future generations develop equally strong breeds. This will surely result in strong and healthy breeds of male cows that the world may envy and the international community comes searching for adapting such “Lion Like” malecows, at our door step.
  • The cow owners should be educated on the importance of cow urine and cow dung and should be promoted to explore their uses to compensate them for loss of milk during this upbringing of such male cows. Gau Seva Parishad based at Jasdan as well as Kesav Shristi, Uttan, Bhayandar, near Mumbai has developed excellent quality products like Shampoo, Tooth Powder, Bathing Powder and Soap. They also have efficiently running Gobar Gas Plant.
  • All Fake Gaushalas aiming only at getting funds and divulging them for other uses and grossly misusing them will naturally get identified and isolated. These Gaushalas should die a natural death.
  • The above mentioned highlights eliminate all hidden grievances resulting in people heartlessly searching foreign breeds for their high yield milk production.
  • The underlying urge is to restore the place for the cows where they rightly belong. Cows have the capacity of sensing the diseases that strike the household where they are adaptively reared, if only allowed to feed on food of their choice, which in turn yields milk that has medicinal values. Thus milk from cows should be consumed in quantity only for its medicinal values.



-by sri dhimant joshi

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