Cow-The Miraculous Doctor And Practical Methods Of Cow Protection

Cow-The Miraculous Doctor And Practical Methods Of Cow Protection

(Chamitkaric Chikitsak)

There is no need to establish the medicinal properties of Panchgavya today. Panchgavya is a term used to describe five major



substances, obtained from cow, which include cow’s urine, milk, ghee, curd and dung. All the five products possess medicinal properties against many disorders and are used for the medicinal purpose singly or in combination with some other herbs. This kind of treatment is called Panchgavya therapy or cowpathy. The ancient ayurvedic literature (Vir Charak Samhita, Sushrut, Gad Nigrah) suggests a number of pharmacological applications of the substances obtained from Panchgavya. These substances are abundantly used in Ayurveda for treatment of several disorders such as leucoderma, hyperlipidemia, arthritis, renal disorders, dietary disorders, gastrointestinal track disorders, acidity, asthma etc. These remedies seem to be potent anticancer and anti HIV agents. Recently the cow urine has been granted U.S. Patents (No. 6410059 and 6896907) for its medicinal properties, particularly for its use along with antibiotics for the control of bacterial infection and fight against cancer.

We urgently need to come out of ignorance, breaking the barricades of political conspiracies that have tried to vilify Cow-Care by projecting it as just a sentimental approach of a particular community. History itself proves that ‘Cow-Protection’ was being done by most of the Muslims also and Kings like Akbar, Humayun and Bahadur Shah Zafar had kept heavy penalties for Cow-killing. Even in current times, despite so many conspiracies & misinterpretation by the English and then our own politicians , thousands of Muslims continue Go-palan as in Mewat in Uttar Pradesh near Gaziabad. Should they not be role-models for all communities?

How Can We Carry Out Cow Protection One To One Level

The 1stStep is to start using Panchagavya Products in our daily lives, whose benefits have been elaborately explained. To repeat, apart from supporting The Cow & Goshala-Economy it will also enhance our individual Consciousness, Health and the Environment on the whole.

The 2nd Step is certainly to propagate the products ( on a profit or voluntary basis) by word of mouth and also making them available through your house, shops or offices to as many friends, relatives, associates, colleagues and as many acquaintances as possible.

The 3rd Step may be to form groups or inform existing groups in your office, housing society, clubs, etc about the Powers of Kamdhenu Family and Panchagavya. In a further step to carry goseva, these groups may also undertake Village Education activities either independently or in tie-ups with other similar groups, trusts or NGOs.

The 4th Step is to establish contact with your native village or any rural area farmers and other heads to demonstrate the magical all-round Powers and encourage + support them to do ‘0’ cost Cow-based Farming. The help of the above groups may also be taken.

The 5th step is to encourage the Cow-based Farming in your own Farms at least on 50% of the land. These non-toxic and natural products may be consumed and sold at reasonable price to the urban friends.

The 6th Step is to support all the above individuals or organizations in their mission in all possible ways.

The 7th Step is to protect and upgrade the state of Living of our Kamdhenus by keeping one or sponsoring one in the above centers.

The 8th Step but never the final step is to communicate to the various authorities of the country at all levels including the Politicians through personal meets, campaigning, delegations, petitions, etc to protect and promote the Cow-based economy in the interest of all castes and religions.

Best Cow Gir Jasdan India

Best Cow Gir Jasdan India

Certainly this is not an exhaustive list of steps since Go-seva can be done in many more ways as the culture of the great Bharatvarsha indicates.

Our participation is no more at an optional stage based on religious or emotional sentiments. It is now completely mandatory at this crucial stage even for a plate of Poison-free Food and a glass of Pure Milk for our loved ones, a healthy bringing up of our children, the protection of our environment & planet and in fact, even for a mere survival.

Cow Calling You

Cow Calling You

Mother Cow Calling You !

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