Collustrum for new born calf (cow Colostrum)

जरायज: प्रथम उस्रिया वृषा वात्व्रजा स्तनयन्नेति वृष्टया !

स नो मृडाति तनव ऋजगो रुजन् य एकमोजस्त्रेधा विचक्रमे!!
अथर्व 1/12/1
अथर्व वेद 1/12 देवता यक्ष्मानाशन्‌

Wasting diseases

This Ved Mantra is very interestingly describing a very modern topic regarding the medicinal efficacy of colostrums of a new born cow. It is equally applicable as directive in Vedas about importance of breast feeding.

Colostrums is the pre-milk fluid produced from the mother’s mammary glands during the first 72 hours after birth. It provides life-supporting immune and growth factors that insure the health and vitality of the newborn.

Commercial Exploitation of Colostrums of Cows for Human beings is a big modern pharmaceutical industry.

Breastfeeding in humans as also for new born calves provides natural “seeding” — the initial boost to immune and digestive systems. |


Loss of youth & Vigor

In western medicine which gives no importance to ब्रह्मचर्य ‘Brahmacharya’,it is observed that after puberty, the amount of immunity and growth factors present in human bodies begin to decline. Human body becomes more vulnerable to disease, its energy level and enthusiasm lessens, skin loses its elasticity, and there is gain of unwanted weight and body looses muscle tone. The modern humans also live in a toxic environment, with pollutants and allergens all around us.

Cows in Atharva Ved

Atharva Ved

Research has shown that Colostrums have powerful natural immune and growth factors that bring the body to a state of homeostasis — its powerful, vital natural state of health and well being. Colostrums help support healthy immune function; & also enable us to resist the harmful effects of pollutants, contaminants and allergens where they attack us.

Plus, the growth factors in Colostrums create many of the positive “side-effects” of a healthy organism — an enhanced ability to metabolize or “burn” fat, greater ease in building lean muscle mass, and enhanced rejuvenation of skin and muscle.

It is a very common modern medicine practice to collect colostrums from freshly calved cows to produce medicinal products for boosting disease resistance, and health promotion tonics for sick and elderly humans, specifically in debilitating diseases such as tuberculosis. New born calves particularly males are immediately taken away for slaughter. Cow’s Colostrums are collected for making medicines for the Pharma industries. Calves in general are fed on an artificial feed called Milk Re-placer.

References to in the above ved mantra Atharv 1.12.1-

जरायुजः, उस्रिया, वृषा, स्तन्यन्नेति, वृष्टया, त्रेधा, are clear references to Colostrums – first few days milk of a cow just after calving. Literal meaning of these vedic words are – produce of a just calved cow which is in the process of releasing the placenta, milk giving cow, shower of milk from the udder and three rumens of a cow having played the important role in giving rise to the extraordinary medicinal value of this early milk of a cow. In this Sookt this is being promoted for curing Tuberculosis, as the very Dewata of this sookt- यक्षमानाशन्‌ suggests.-

अङ्गे अङ्गे शोचिषा शिश्रियाणं नमस्यन्तस्त्वा हविषाविधेम !

अङ्कान्त्समङ्कान् हविषा विधेम यो अग्रभीत् पर्वास्याग्रभीता !!
अथर्व 1/12/2

हे सूर्य आप की और समीपवर्ती देवताओं चंद्रमा,नक्षत्रादि तारादि की दीप्ति इस जगत और प्रत्येक प्राणी केअंग अंग में प्राण रूप से स्थित है.

तुझ को नमस्कार करतेहुवे हम हवि द्वारा तुम सब को परिचर्या द्वारा तृप्त करते हैं.

मुञ्च शीर्षक्त्या उत कास एनं परुष्परुराविवेशा यो अस्य !

यो अभ्रजा वातजा यश्च शुष्मो वनस्पतीन्त्सचतां पर्वतांश्च !!
अथर्व 1/12/3

हे सूर्य इस पुरुष को शिरोवेदना से मुक्त करो.वह खांसी जोइस के अंग अंग ( संधिस्थलों) में घुस कर बैठा है,

उस से भीमुक्त कर, जो शरीर को सुखा देने वाला पित्त विकार है उससे भी मुक्त कर, जो वर्षा काल मे श्लेष्रोग वात विकार सेहोता है उस से भी मुक्त कर.

सब त्रिविध रोगों की निवृत्तिके लिए वन वृक्षों, वनस्पतियों द्वारा यह सब रोग दूर हों.

शं मे परस्मै गत्राय शमस्त्ववराय मे!

शं मे चतुभ्यो अङ्गेभ्य: शमस्तु तन्वे3 मम !!
अथर्व 1/12/4


मेरे ऊपर के शिरोभूत अङ्ग के लिए, मेरे नीचे के शरीर केलिए, मेरे हाथ पैर , तन सब अङ्गों के लिए सुख हो.

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