Celebrating Fifth Year of GoMata Seva

Go-raksha (cow protection) is done properly if one takes it as a religious duty rather than a career opportunity. In the former mindset; the vedic period, one attempted to serve cows rather than be served by them; one aspired for spiritual gain rather than material gain. Unfortunately the cow protection is rendered unsustainable today due to urbanization and consumerism. Modern man has lost his roots. However cow protection hasn’t lost importance but because urban man has become so successfully indoctrinated and acclimated to artificial living and consumerism he no longer understands or values the fruits of it. This is the very reason of the success of Gomata seva which has entered into its fifth year of celebrated launch.

In 5 years Journey Activities started
  •  Panchagavya Cow Medicines (Manufacturing as GO KRIPA PRODUCTS )
  •  Club togather Go Shalas in Jasdan and Near Jasdan through entire GIR Area
  •  spread Vedic Life style and culture across the world
  •  started sell spiritual books online
  •  spread literature related to cow protection and tips to save mother cow
  •  participating to Indian cultural exhibitations and programms across the India for Cow Care and Protection
  •  Preaching on Bhagvatgita and Bhagvatam through Jasdan State across India
  •  Distribute FREE Medicines (Gau Mutra Ark and Ghanvati ) to Cancer Patients
 The successful establishment of Go-Mata seva has been made possible by the selfless service of the devotees who have tirelessly dedicated their lives to the protection of cows as dictated by the scriptures. The Panchgavya medicines produced at Go-Kripa Praoducts are being circulated nationwide today by the grace of Shri Krishna Chandra and are alleviating the sufferings of several humans.

Not only this the Go-Mata Seva trust is actively involved in protecting the indigenous cow breeds in and around Jasdan; Gujarat, also known as GIR area of the country. It is maintaining various Go-Shalas where cows are protected, reared and maintained on the model of ‘self reliance’.

GO-Mata Seva has also dedicated itself in spread of the references and literature of cow protection abound in Vedic literatures like Mahabharata, Ramayana, Srimad Bhagavatam and other Puranas which describe an agrarian social structure and lifestyle focused on attaining spiritual rather than material goals. For this very reason the concern has now stated the service of online distribution of cow protection literature amongst the masses to serve the higher goal of making the people aware of cow protection and benefits of agrarian life style.
One of major activities of the service of Go- Mata Seva is free distribution of Panchgavya medicines (Go Mutra and Ghanvati) to the cancer patients in Jasdan and across the india, as well as extensive preaching mission programs in this area for creating awareness about the esteemed cow protection methodology here.

We are Thankful to…

  •  Lord Sri Krishna
  •  Gaumata
  •  Sril Prabhupada and All Spiritual Gurus
  •  All the Gaubhaktas from each villages, towns, citys and Metro cities from India
  •  Specially thankful for Gaubhaktas from Across the world (Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, Brazil, Africa,  Canada, NZ, Australia and all over the world)
  •  All Dealers and Distributors
  •  All the online buyers
  •  All the supporters (directly and indirectly)

In hope to carry out this goal further we at Go-Mata Seva seeks blessing of Bhagwan, and Gau- Bhaktas that we may carry out this noble work in the coming years and several more years coming ahead.

–  Hare Krishna

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