The cows of Gir breed from Jasdan; Gujarat are world renowned for their hardy nature and for its tolerance to stress conditions. The Gyr (Gir breed) breed has high milk producing capacity along with paramount resistance to several tropical diseases. The Geer breed of Jasdan has been exported to Brazil, USA, Venezuela and Mexico for further successful breeding programs. (40)

Gir Cow Jasdan Open Grazing Land

Locally named by the name of Sorathi, Gujarat can only boast of having a merge population of 3000 cattle of Gir breed as stated by his Honor Shri Satyjitkumar S. Khachar, the present king of erstwhile princely state of Jasdan and an eminent Cow lover.

Due to efforts of Shree Satyajit Khachar the Gir cattle has gone global being the best dairy breeds in the world. Brazil has emerged as the largest importer as well as the exporter of Gir cow embryos and semen of Indian origin. Whats most interesting is that pedigrees of the Gir cows in Brazil gets the PURE INDIAN ORIGIN certificate as they turn to the huge money spinners for Brazilians.

Jasdan is exporting improved embryos to several countries now in partnership with Brazilian firm. The king himself took the initiative of establishing and perpetuating of cow culture practiced in Vedic Indian society by establishing of farms with grass that is grown and nurtured only on organic farming principles and methodology. Here the Gir Cows roam freely and are fed only on green organic grass that eliminates the possibility of presence of any kind of chemical in the milk.


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