The second year of Krishna’s fest at Gujarat brought with itself even more applause, surprises, attendances and memories that would be cherished for years hence.

The people already appreciative of the festival, poured in thousands on the festival grounds so that the security personal, got baffled with the increasing numbers. The dipping temperature of severe winters did not deter the public participating in the festival.

When the devotees presented the puppet show based on the stories of Ramayana it was met with huge round of applause and dancing.

The band again brought the tears and bliss to the devotees and the general masses indiscriminately who clapped, danced and enjoyed thoroughly on the ground shouting, Once more! Once more!

The media, the local channel and the radio all were present on the site to bring the glories of Harinaam Sankirtan to those who did not come to attend the festival.

The general people present at the event were saying to each other these Angrej log can sing and dance so well and that too on Kirtans. The beauty and melody of Kirtan filled the with wonder and transcendental bliss!

Team pleasured to participated into Krishna Kirtana with devotees from ISKCON Temple Rajkot and Dwarika.

Please visit : Hare Krishna Fest 2014 Rajkot Gujarat

Here are few pictures from Dwarika Dham Harinaam Sankirtan.

Image from : Travellingmonk  – Jai Dwarkadhish

Team Visited : Panchagavya Products Manufacturers India

(Hari Bol)